How Do You Make Money?

So glad you asked! We actually wrote a whole separate, super detailed page about it here.

I Found Some Information On Your Site That’s Inaccurate. Can I Report it?

Yes. Please! While we work hard to maintain the accuracy of our website, with so many products and pages of information, it’s virtually impossible for us to be “up to the minute” accurate on everything all the time. But we absolutely appreciate the help from our readers. Please drop us a line through our Contact Us page.

Why Do Most Of Your Products Have Such Positive Reviews?

Again. Great question! Almost all of the products you’ll see on our website will have very positive reviews due to the very nature and purpose of our website.

We want to provide the best reviews of the best products so you can make the best purchasing decision for your family.

So when we come across products that are sub-par and we wouldn’t recommend them, we simply don’t write a review of them in the first place. Make sense?

Stated another way: we don’t want to spend the time, money and effort creating reviews of “bad” products and inadvertently giving them more free advertisement as well as wasting your time, as our reader, just to tell you “now that you read all this, please don’t buy this, it’s horrible!”.

Instead, we choose to focus on just two categories of products:

1. Best Quality
2. Most Popular

Sometimes the most popular item’s won’t be the best quality, and we will note that in the review and explain why they’re popular (usually a lower price point). But we will always give you options to compare the best quality items vs the most popular (lower priced) items, so you understand the full spectrum of products available to you before you make your purchasing decision.

How Can We Advertise On Your Website?

We currently do not accept any form of paid advertising. We only monetize through our independent affiliate relationships. For a full description of how our affiliate programs work, please click here.

Can We Send You Free Products In Exchange for a Review?

No. We do not accept any “free products”. Any unsolicited products mailed to us will be returned to sender.

We Make A Great Baby Product, Will You Review It?

If you’re a manufacturer of a new, wonderful baby product, that we don’t already have on our website, then by all means Contact Us! We are always looking to inform our readers with the best new products out there. We won’t take a free product, but we’re happy to buy one and do our own review!