TempTraq is a soft, thin Bluetooth thermometer that allows you to monitor baby’s temperature remotely, giving everyone much needed rest.

SAFETY | Class II Medical Device

A rising trend that coincides with rising technology is the ability to monitor baby remotely. One of these remote monitors is a Bluetooth thermometer called TempTraq. This little device is an adhesive thermometer that sticks under baby’s arm during times of illness to track fevers throughout the night and day. Tracking fevers remotely is becoming a popular occurrence and reduce irritability on baby’s part while helping everyone get much-needed rest.

TempTraq is an FDA cleared class II medical device…

TempTraq is an FDA cleared class II medical device that uses low emission Bluetooth technology to transmit signals and alerts to a smart device (like a smartphone). The smartphone that has the downloaded Temptraq app then alerts parents when baby’s temperature goes outside of the set ranges. This is very useful if baby is ill and experiencing fevers, or if they have a medical condition that involves fluctuating temperatures. Temptraq is safe for all ages and skin types, using a soft adhesive that is similar to paper tape (hypoallergenic) found in first aid kits.

TempTraq Review

What’s nice about TempTraq is that it is approved for use in hospitals and the clinical setting, so you know it’s one of the safest Bluetooth thermometers on the market. It sends audio and visual notifications to your smartphone app (or to an electronic monitoring station if your baby’s in the hospital). Because it continuously monitors for 24 hours once it is activated, the TempTraq thermometer is a one-time use device which is great for infection control in hospitals but can get pricey with home use.

It sends audio and visual notifications to your smartphone app…

One safety complaint with TempTraq that parents have had is that when the device loses connection (which is very common with Bluetooth technology) the app does not automatically sync up with the patch again. Users need to manually reconnect to the device, even though the device does alert you via the app that it was disconnected. This can make for a long and sleepless night and sometimes can take away the convenience of remote monitoring.

COMFORT | Flexible, Thin, Soft

TempTraq is a soft, thin, and flexible adhesive patch that forms to the curves of baby’s body. Easily applied to your baby with gentle adhesive and removes like a piece of cloth tape or bandied. The adhesive patch is durable (for 24 hours), water resistant, and safe under normal use circumstances. It’s also made without latex, a plus for those with latex or tape allergies. For bath time, simply remove the patch, and reapply afterward.

TempTraq is a soft, thin, and flexible adhesive patch…

Some parents have noticed that the TempTraq can sometimes lose adhesiveness if a child is sweating during or after their fever. A few suggested securing the patch with tape to hold down the corners if the edges start coming off.

TempTraq Review Size

EASE OF USE | Versatile App


The TempTraq thermometer itself isn’t as versatile as other baby health monitors we’ve reviewed because it can only be used once over a period of 24 hours. If you want to use it again, you need to buy a new TempTraq thermometer patch, and that can get pricey over time. However, the app has a little more versatility than the thermometer patch itself.

…it can only be used once over a period of 24 hours.

In the app, the temperature can be displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius. It also allows you to monitor multiple children (useful if the flu is running through your house!) and you can name each patch according to each child. It also can keep track of high and low temperatures and will alert your app if your child’s temperatures go out of the normal ranges.

TempTraq Review Monitor Multiple Children

Monitor multiple children


What makes TempTraq different from regular digital thermometers is that it is a low emission Bluetooth thermometer that allows parents to remotely monitor their baby’s temperature continuously. This is invaluable for night time when babies are more prone to run fevers during illness, preventing baby from being woken repeatedly and helping everyone in the house get much-needed rest.

TempTraq Review is Easy to Use

The TempTraq is an adhesive patch that sticks to baby’s skin and uses wireless Bluetooth low energy technology that pairs up with the app on your smartphone or smart device. Users can see temperature display in both Fahrenheit or Celcius and receive audio and visual notifications of abnormal temperatures. The range for this device to work and sync with your phone is about 40 feet and notifies your smartphone if there is any disconnection from the thermometer. You can also monitor multiple thermometers at once (useful if the whole family has the flu!) and send or email temperature data to healthcare professionals or family members with one touch. The app also provides an area to keep notes in, ranging from medications given to other symptoms that baby is having at the time. This open text field lets you track whatever you want.

The range for this device to work and sync with your phone is about 40 feet…

TempTraq is an FDA-certified Class II medical device, so it is also used in hospitals to monitor patient temperatures remotely. However, if used in the home, some parents did have some complaints. Because the thermometer uses Bluetooth low emission, there can sometimes be a limitation with distance and connectivity. This can be modified by using a second device that can be placed near your baby while wearing the monitor. Do this by downloading the TempTraq app on one device and log in using the same credentials then place the device near the thermometer. Log out of the app on your phone, then log back in using the same credentials using the “remote login” button. Within a minute, the phone will sync up with the device near the baby (using an internet connection) so you can view baby’s temp in real time.  This is usually only necessary if you are more than 30-40 feet away from baby’s room.

…email temperature data to healthcare professionals or family members with one touch.

One other complaint that parents had is that the TempTraq disconnects from the app very often no matter how far away from baby you are. The app automatically alerts users with each disconnection, but parents must manually reconnect with the app instead of the thermometer automatically reconnecting to the app itself. This means parents would have to wake up each time the TempTraq disconnected and manually reconnect through their phone, not allowing any rest or peace of mind on parent’s end.

TempTraq Review Records in Graph Format

Temps record in graph format



The TempTraq has an operating life of 24 hours. Once activated using the “on” button directly located on the thermometer adhesive patch, the battery only lasts for 24 hours and the patch is then disposed of. This means that TempTraq is a single-use thermometer which might get pricey after repeated purchases. This is about the perfect time period to measure a fever, but if fevers last for more than 24 hours then you’ll need to find another way to monitor baby.

The adhesiveness is usually very durable over those 24 hours.

The adhesiveness is usually very durable over those 24 hours. Many parents say they don’t normally have a problem. However, some users claim that the edges start to lose their stickiness if there is excessive sweating or dampness, so it’s important to keep the TempTraq as dry as possible to increase longevity.


TempTraq is an efficient and effective little thermometer, but it is single use and disposed of once the battery wears out. This means that parents must buy a new TempTraq thermometer if you intend to use them for longer than 24 hours. Buying TempTraq repeatedly can get pricey over time if you hope to use it repeatedly (check out the Infanttech Smarttemp for better pricing). When buying TempTraq, only one thermometer comes in the box. However, it is a very effective Bluetooth thermometer, and the TempTraq website has great resources for troubleshooting and instructions for use.


  • FDA Cleared Class II medical device
  • High level of accuracy
  • Can connect more than one child to app at a time
  • Very soft, thin, and comfortable


  • Patch can loosen with sweating
  • Only lasts for 24 hours
  • Can get very expensive
  • Connection can be inconsistent


Although TempTraq is effective and is the only Bluetooth thermometer we’ve reviewed that is safe for hospital use, it can also get pricey over time. This little thermometer uses low emission Bluetooth technology to send data from your baby over to the app on your smartphone or smart device allowing you to monitor baby’s temperature remotely. It’s very easy to use (minus occasional connectivity problems) and can be very versatile. TempTraq is very soft, thin, and flexible, ensuring comfort for your baby.

The app has a very easy interface and includes some very useful features. While using TempTraq, it is possible to monitor more than one child (or adult) at once, especially useful if an illness is running through your house. Another useful feature in the TempTraq app is the ability to take notes at any time of the day in a free text box, giving you the freedom to add any notes that are needed, from symptoms to medication times. Baby’s temperatures are also recorded in graph form and can be saved for sending to your doctor or to other family members.

All-in-all, TempTraq is a nice Bluetooth thermometer if you are looking for a single use unit and if price isn’t an issue. Some other Baby Health Monitors we’ve reviewed, however, have multiple use capabilities and could save some money in the long run. It is an accurate and safe way of monitoring your little one through illnesses and allows for more sleep and rest for everyone.


IMPORTANT MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: The information provided by our Baby Health Monitor Reviews is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.