Why Bamboo Nature Diapers are the high-end, all natural diapers you should be considering.

SAFETY | Hypoallergenic with Natural Ingredients

The main focus of Bambo Nature Diapers is to provide their users with a product that has fully natural ingredients on the inside. They deliver on their promises and the end result is a safe diaper that does not contain harmful chemicals whatsoever. They are also hypoallergenic which might be quite important for some parents out there.

…does not contain harmful chemicals whatsoever.

Both Abena’s and outside experts closely monitor the entire process of manufacturing making sure everything is done properly. By using Bamboo Nature Diapers you’ll significantly lower your family’s carbon footprint which is one of the biggest steps you can take in order to make sure your home is eco-friendly. Nature is already polluted enough and taking the right action as soon as possible is the way to go.

Their labels are direct and they will tell you everything you need to know about this product. The diapers do not contain any metals, PVC, harmful chemicals, toxic pigments, etc. Also keep in mind that there are no lotions, fragrances, or essential oils inside of the diaper which makes it safe to use on every skin type. Abena managed to create a solid product that is both environmentally friendly and super reliable.

…do not contain any metals, PVC, harmful chemicals, toxic pigments, etc.

Bamboo Nature Diapers review Pack Size 1

Bamboo Nature Diapers Pack Size 1

COMFORT | Amazing Materials

What we absolutely love about these diapers is the fact that they are super soft and stretchy where needed. The materials which are used on both inside and the outside of the diaper feel incredibly smooth and let the skin breathe. It really is made for eliminating rashes and redness, and that is evident from the start.

…feel incredibly smooth and let the skin breathe.

It is also important to mention that the back elastic band is very firm and it will keep the diaper up allowing your little one to move freely. The side wings used for fastening the diaper are also stretchy and they fit surprisingly well! The positioning is just right and they will not cause any discomfort to your baby which is super important, especially if your little one is super active.

The movement will not be restricted in Bamboo Nature Diapers due to the fact that the back is very stretchy and placed quite high. The side connectors are located in the right spot and they will not have any impact on your baby’s natural movement. And we have to mention that the bands around the legs are also firm and they add another line of protection in that area as well.

The side straps can be unfastened as often as you want and there is no need to worry about them losing their closing power. So if you tend to check the situation numerous times a day, you can be sure that the straps will close properly and that they will not open up all of a sudden. The diaper will stay in place throughout the day (and night) which is great.

The diaper will stay in place throughout the day…

Bamboo Nature Diapers review Design

Bamboo Nature Diapers Design

EASE OF USE | Higher Back that Fits Well


Like most diapers, there are seven available sizes to choose from; newborn to size 6, and they vary by the weight of your little one. So in order to get the right fit you have to know the exact numbers and consult the sizing chart. The overall design might look a bit on a bigger side, especially because the back is slightly raised, but don’t worry because they will fit perfectly once you try it out on your infant.

Bambo Nature’s range of diapers is not large and they offer this model only. Luckily, these diapers are super versatile and since their absorption power is amazing, they can be used during the night as well. Unfortunately, this means there are no budget-friendly options from this brand either.

These diapers do not feature a variety of different patterns but they do have a small colorful band on the front. It is located on the top and it is a very cute detail. We also have to mention that no artificial or toxic dyes have been used in making this band so your little one will not be exposed to heavy metals and lead.

…seven different sizes to choose from; newborn to size 6.


One of the most important things when it comes to baby diapers is the freedom of movement. Bambo Nature Diapers are super stretchy and they fit the baby perfectly, especially if you get the sizing right. They move well and can be a useful companion to every baby out there, regardless of how active and vivacious he or she is.

Even though the side straps are very strong, they can be easily unfastened when you want to change it and the diaper will be removed in no time. Of course, make sure you have a toilet somewhere near you in order to empty out the contents before you fold it up. And don’t worry because the diaper will stay sealed even if you place it in a bag. It will not create an additional mess inside.

Another thing we have to mention is the fact that these diapers really do have a positive influence on nature even when disposed and placed in a trash bin. As a matter of fact, they can be partially degraded afterwards and this adds a lot of bonus points to the eco-friendliness of this product. It is a proof that biodegradable diapers are possible and they should definitely be widely available to everyone.

…super stretchy and they fit the baby perfectly…

Bamboo Nature Diapers review Available Sizes

Bamboo Nature Diapers Available Sizes

PRICE + LONGEVITY | Not Budget Friendly but Worth It


Unfortunately, Bambo Nature Diapers might be a bit too expensive to some parents. As you already know, your little one will to through a lot of diapers and the cost really adds up in the end. Even if the price doesn’t seem too high at the moment, it will after some time. However, if you are looking for high-quality diapers that will be reliable in all situations and remain gentle to the sensitive skin, investing more money into this product is completely worth it.

For instance, a pack containing 28 size one diapers has a current MSRP of $12.80 which roughly breaks down to about $.42 per diaper. It is obvious that you have to pay a higher price-per-piece when compared to some other diapers out there. But they will be very useful to your little one because these diapers really do their work perfectly and they are also eco-friendly which is also important.

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These diapers might look slightly bulky at first but luckily, they fit amazingly well once your baby tries them on. The reason for that is the previously mentioned higher back which adds to the total length of the diaper, making it appear bigger. The back part will not have any impact on the clothes and the diaper will look great underneath.

Baby clothes will slide over them easily because the material is so snug and soft. Plus, the higher back is very useful for preventing leaks in that area so it is a very practical addition. You can be sure that the liquid will not end up all over the clothes and create a huge mess.


As you might have already figured out from the previous text, Bambo Nature Diapers are very powerful in terms of leak protection. They can hold the liquid for ten to twelve hours which is more than enough. Therefore, they can be used during the night as well and your little one will stay dry and safe.

Even though these diapers are created to reduce irritation or redness, the best way to prevent them is to keep a close eye on the diaper situation and change your baby regularly. This should be your first step if your little one is dealing with sensitive skin.

…very powerful in terms of leak protection.

Bamboo Nature Diapers review Back Information

Bamboo Nature Diapers Back Information


  • Natural ingredients.
  • Numerous international safety certificates.
  • High absorption power.


  • Not a budget-friendly option.
  • Not 100% leak-proof.

THE BOTTOM LINE | Amazing Natural Diapers

With so many international certificates standing behind this product, it simply cannot fail. As a matter of fact, Bambo Nature Diapers have the Nordic Swan eco-label that ensures their products are up to standards and that they are safe for use. These diapers will be very attractive to parents who are doing their best to transform their home into a chemical-free zone and aiming to lower their carbon footprint.

The only downside to these diapers is the price. They might be a bit out of budget for the majority of parents, so if you want to get a larger number of diapers for a lower cost, these are not for you. There are no economy packs available in their range and if you are really set on using them, the best option for you is to try and find a deal in one of the online stores.

These diapers have an excellent fit, they move perfectly, and the elastic materials are super useful because they allow mobility. Bambo Nature diapers also have a couple of features that make sure the diaper is leak-proof and they will keep the liquid away from your baby until you change it. It is an amazing product that will do wonders for sensitive skin and it is highly recommended.

Bamboo Nature Diapers review Box Size

Bamboo Nature Diapers Box Size