Why Honest Company Diapers are one of the best and most trusted brands of eco-friendly disposable diapers.

SAFETY | Green and Healthy Diapers

First of all, we have to say that the idea behind Honest Company is really great. Jessica Alba, a famous Hollywood actress decided to start this company in order to provide parents with environmentally friendly options that will turn their houses into a healthy place where their children can grow up without harmful chemicals and dangerous products around.

…provide parents with environmentally friendly options…

Christopher Gavigan, a book author that knows quite a lot about green and earth-friendly homes, backed her up. Together they managed to create and market numerous healthy home products, including diapers.

Honest Company Diapers do have fewer chemicals in general and they are completely safe to use. They shouldn’t cause any rashes or irritations to your little one and the diapers are still capable of absorbing plenty of liquid. The diapers are made of plant-based ingredients and they are cruelty-free.

On the other hand, the absorbing layer still has SAP which is a petroleum based chemical. If your baby is sensitive to it, the best way to avoid it is to completely switch to cloth diapers. Yes, the levels of SAP are lower in Honest Company diapers but it is still present which can be a deal breaker for some parents.

…made of plant-based ingredients and they are cruelty-free.

Honest Company Diapers review Construction

Honest Company Diapers Construction

COMFORT | Cotton-like Material

Honest Company Diapers are pretty comfortable and they will fit your little one well. They are fairly stretchy and have elastic bands on the back and sides which add to the overall comfort. Your baby will be able to move without any restrictions and the diaper will feel very natural.

The material resembles cotton and your baby will love it. So if your little one is not keen on diapers that feel like plastic, these might be the solution. When it comes to leaks, Honest Company Diapers do perform just like every baby diaper out there.

…move without any restrictions…

They can hold a large amount of liquid but they will fail if the quantity is overwhelming. The barriers will sit in their place and prevent any leakages. Changing your infant’s diapers regularly is the best way to make sure he or she is dry and happy, so make sure you keep a close eye on the situation.

These diapers do have a natural citrus and chlorophyll odor inhibitor so there are no harmful chemicals which are supposed to suppress the smell. This combination works just fine and the diapers will not emit the odor. Once you feel it, it is probably time for a diaper change after all.

…diapers will not emit the odor.

Honest Company Diapers review Bulk Stack

Honest Company Diapers Bulk Stack

EASE OF USE | Variety of Sizes and Patterns


There is only one style of disposable diapers sold by Honest Company but you will be able to choose from a variety of different colors and patterns. Just like any other brand, sizes are available from newborn right up to size 6, which is fantastic.

You can also go for the overnight version that provides more security while your little one is sleeping, or choose the diapers made for swimming and water that have additional protection against the outside moisture, especially if you are going on a holiday or a family outing.

When it comes to sizing, you really have to pick the right fit for your infant. Luckily, there are seven sizes to choose from. If you go for a smaller size, your baby will be very uncomfortable and the diaper will not hold the liquid so well, while a bigger fit will cause major leakages because the borders cannot sit properly against the skin. The right sizing depends on the weight (and age) of your little one.

…from newborn right up to size 6.


We simply have to point out the fact that Honest Company diapers are super easy to put on or take off. The stretchy materials really do their work and the diapers simply glide over the skin when you want them to. There will be no mess when you want to change the diaper because the absorbing component collects the liquid well which is great, especially if you are on the move.

The disposal process is pretty straightforward and they are easy to fold and place in a trash bin. And since they are made of plant-based ingredients, these diapers are environmentally friendly, semi-degradable, and they will not pollute nature.

…super easy to put on or take off.

Honest Company Diapers review Pack Size 1

Honest Company Diapers Pack Size 1

PRICE + LONGEVITY | Premium Diapers


As you might have guessed already, Honest Company Diapers are a premium product. They have pretty powerful marketing behind their items and the cost rises due to the fact that they are environmentally friendly diapers that use natural ingredients and the manufacturing process is expensive as well.

With that being said, the price is very fair when you weigh out the bonuses you’re getting with all the eco-friendly and baby-safe features. In order to get the best price, you have to sign up for a reoccurring shipment on their website. The MSRP price, with subscription, is currently $13.99 for a 44 piece package in size 1, which is pretty acceptable for what you get, in my opinion as an eco-friendly mom. But if you’re anything like me, you can buy the ones you want, when you want, through other retailers for just a couple dollars more.

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These diapers will not restrict the movement of your baby and he or she will be able to do their usual activities without feeling uncomfortable. The elastic bands on the back and the sides are super useful and they will add to the overall fit of the diaper making it sit tightly around the waist. So playing and rolling around will not influence the fit at all.

If you manage to get the right sizing right away, the borders around the legs will sit effortlessly against the skin and prevent any leakages. Another great thing about Honest Company diapers is the fact that they are not super bulky and they will look good under clothes. These diapers are not confining and will feel natural.


The diapers are designed to provide up to twelve hours of protection which is more than enough. That number is pretty impressive, especially because these are green diapers and there are no additional chemicals involved in the process of manufacturing the absorbing part. Therefore, their standard diapers can be used during the night as well.

The overnight version of these diapers do offer more protection so if you are concerned about the possible leakages during sleepy time, try this option as well. They are capable of absorbing more liquid over a shorter period of time. It is important to mention that the sizing of the diapers remains the same between these two options.

…provide up to twelve hours of protection…

Honest Company Diapers review Different Prints

Honest Company Diapers Different Prints


  • Made of plant-based materials.
  • Plenty of fun designs, patterns, and colors to choose from.
  • No harmful chemicals involved in the process of manufacturing.


  • SAP chemical is still present in the absorbing layer.
  • Have to get a subscription for best price

THE BOTTOM LINE | Affordable Green Option

Honest Company Diapers do not contain bleach, fragrances, lotions, latex, PVC, MBT, DBT, TBT, etc. They truly are safe to use and shouldn’t cause irritations or allergies to your little one which is great. Unfortunately, these diapers still contain Sodium Polyacrylate or SAP so if your little one is sensitive to that chemical, these diapers might not be the best option after all.

What we particularly like about these diapers is the fact that there are plenty of sizes to choose from and finding the right fit for your little one shouldn’t be too complicated. The sizing charts are very accurate and all you need to know is the weight of your baby. Plus, their diapers offer a wide variety of fun and cute patterns.

And the diapers do their job really well which is the most important thing here after all. They hold the liquid for up to twelve hours so the protection is great. Secure borders will keep the diaper in place so you don’t have to worry about any possible accidents even when you are outside. The changing process is quick and easy so you will be able to replace a used diaper in just a couple of minutes.

Honest Company Diapers review Anchor Print

Honest Company Diapers Anchor Print