Your baby is perfect. Every parent has that same thought, and it’s hard to argue. Even perfection comes with a few issues, though. Moms are able to give their babies everything they need while in the womb, but once they’re born, they need nourishment and nutrition from other sources. A mom’s milk is best, but some babies need a little help in the digestive department. If your baby is colicky or has some other gut problems, such as diarrhea, then it may be time to introduce probiotics.

An infant may not be ready for solid food, so probiotic-packed yogurt is out of the question. The good news is that you can get probiotics in liquid and powder forms. A few drops per day or mixing in a bit of the powder to your breastmilk or your baby’s formula could be enough to turn the tides for your baby’s upset tummy. The best probiotic for infants depends on a few factors, and you may want the most affordable, the best overall, or one that can work for your infant and your toddler. Keep reading to find out about the best out there!

BEST OVERALL | Culturelle Baby Probiotic Calm & Comfort Drops, 0.29 oz, Infant Probiotics Supplement, Helps Reduce Fussiness & Crying

Culturelle Baby Probiotic Calm & Comfort Drops

Culturelle Baby Probiotic Calm & Comfort Drops

One of the best ways to reduce crying in a colicky baby is to introduce a bit of probiotic. Giving five drops per day of Culturelle Baby Probiotic Calm & Comfort Drops could soothe your fussy baby faster. This probiotic supplement is free of dairy, which is important for many parents who don’t want to introduce any cow’s milk to their baby just yet. The good bacteria you give your baby through this supplement can work to restore balance in their tummies. And then Culturelle includes a bit of chamomile extract, which helps calm your baby.

Using the probiotics is easy. Just add a few drops to your breast while you’re breastfeeding, add drops to your baby’s bottle with a good formula, or feed the liquid to your baby on its own. Be sure you shake it thoroughly before each use. You won’t need to store this in the refrigerator, but you will need to use it all up within 60 days of opening it.

The flavor of the drops doesn’t seem to mind babies much at all. So, if you’ve noticed that your baby’s stools are too soft, watery, or basically diarrhea, then it might be a good idea to add probiotics to their diet. These drops are quickly absorbed, and they act quickly to reduce that baby belly bloat and fussiness. All that’s left is a happily fed baby who sleeps well – something all parents want and need for their baby. The MSRP is $25.99 for these, but be sure to check the current Culturelle Baby Probiotic Calm & Comfort Drops here.

BEST DESIGN | Gerber Soothe Baby Probiotic Colic Drops, 0.34 Fluid Ounce

Gerber Soothe Baby Probiotic Colic Drops

Gerber Soothe Baby Probiotic Colic Drops

One of the worst feelings as a parent is to hear your baby crying and not being able to help. Except that you can help a colicky baby get some relief by adding a few drops of Gerber Soothe Baby Probiotic Colic Drops to their bottle or breastfeeding sessions. Probiotics are meant to help balance out the microflora in the gastrointestinal tract. Without them, your baby may be waking up in the middle of the night screaming in pain because of gas they can’t pass, constipation, or diarrhea. And each of those come with their own issues such as diaper rash.

Adding about five drops of this supplement can help your baby pass gas, if it’s present, which in turn can make for a much happier baby that’ll sleep soundly. Probiotics can also help soften stool, so your baby isn’t straining to eliminate. And for those babies who have watery stools, this little supplement can help.

Your baby is likely to swallow a bit of air while feeding, and that’s why you help them burp. Using these drops can reduce the difficulty of burping and help gas pass more easily. Probiotic drops are pricey, and you don’t get much for the cost, but it could be worth it if it helps your baby settle down a bit and feel better. These drops are designed to be easy to add to formula, breastmilk, or even administered by themselves. The MSRP of these drops is $24.10, but be sure to check the current Gerber Soothe Baby Probiotic Colic Drops here.

MOST VERSATILE | ProBiota Infant Powder | Infant ProBiotic Powder, Absorbs Quickly | 10 Billion CFU’s | No Cold Pack Needed | Dairy-Free

ProBiota Infant Powder

ProBiota Infant Powder

The great thing about ProBiota Infant Powder is that it’s so versatile to use. Not all babies are colicky, but all babies are going to suffer from some sort of gastrointestinal tract distress. A probiotic supplement can help reduce the stress your baby feels when they have gas or an upset tummy. The result is a happier baby that can pass gas more easily, and healthier looking stools. While many manufacturers make drops for infants, ProBiota went with a powder form, which could be better for your baby.

You only need to give your baby about a ¼ teaspoon of this powder once per day to help relieve the pains of an imbalanced GI tract. You can mix the powder in with your little one’s formula, add it to your breastmilk that you’ve pre-pumped with a breast pump, or even just place the powder directly on your baby’s tongue. The powder has a surprisingly pleasant taste, a bit like chicory, so it shouldn’t be hard to administer. This formula doesn’t need to be refrigerated, but it is suggested you do so to maintain the maximum potency. It’s quite a bit more affordable than others on the market, and one bottle of ProBiota can last about two months. The MSRP is $37.00 for this powder, but be sure to check the current ProBiota Infant Powder here.

EASIEST TO USE | Mommy’s Bliss Baby Probiotic Drops, Flavorless, 0.34 Fluid Ounce

Mommy's Bliss Baby Probiotic Drops

Mommy’s Bliss Baby Probiotic Drops

When you have a fussy baby, the last thing you need is more stress, such as worrying about finding room to store a new product in the refrigerator. Mommy’s Bliss Baby Probiotic Drops require no refrigeration, so you can keep it close to your baby’s bassinet and use it once per day to help relieve colic in your baby.

Each bottle contains 30 servings, so if you use five drops per day for your little one, it should last you about a month. It is a little expensive, but it’s much more affordable than some other bigger brands out there. The drops are flavorless, so you can mix it into your baby’s bottle or use it on your breast when your infant is breastfeeding. The probiotics should help to reduce gas, improve stools, and help your baby feel better, and sleep longer.

The included dropper has a little line on it to show you where one serving is, so you don’t have to try to remember how many drops you added to your baby’s bottle, making it even easier to use this probiotic supplement. The MSRP of the Mommy’s Bliss Baby Probiotic Drops is $14.12, but be sure to check the current Mommy’s Bliss Baby Probiotic Drops here.

BARGAIN BUY | Udo’s Choice Infant’s Blend Probiotic 2.64-Ounces

Udo's Choice Infant's Blend Probiotic

Udo’s Choice Infant’s Blend Probiotic

Pediatricians often tell parents of colicky babies to add a daily probiotic supplement to their milk or formula to help calm, soothe, and relieve tummy troubles. They might mention that the supplements are pricey, but when you see the typical tiny bottles along with the big price tag, many parents experience sticker shock. The good news is that there are alternatives to those liquid supplements, like Udo’s Choice Infant’s Blend Probiotic.

You get nearly 3 ounces of this powdered probiotic supplement. One serving is just a quarter of a teaspoon, which means there are about 75 servings in each bottle. And the cost of one bottle is nearly half that of some of the other brands. You can get a better deal than that. But does it work? Many parents won’t care about the cost if it works, but why pay more when you don’t have to? This powder can help relieve gas, diarrhea, and constipation in a baby that’s colicky or just needs a little help with their immune system.

The only thing to note here is that this product does contain a bit of dairy and soy, so if your little one has any allergies, you might need to steer clear of this probiotic. This can be used for a newborn, up to a 1-year-old. After that, you’re better off seeking out the toddler version of this probiotic. The MSRP is $13.12 for the Udo’s Choice Infant’s Blend Probiotic, but be sure to check the current Udo’s Choice Infant’s Blend Probiotic here.


No parent wants their baby to suffer. When a baby cries because of gas, there’s no much you can do for them, other than trying to burp them. Sometimes a burp becomes spit-up, and while that helps relieve the symptoms a little, your baby isn’t keeping all the nutrition they need. When a baby has watery stool or strains to eliminate, it can break your heart to hear their cries and screams. Probiotics are the supplement you may never knew you needed.

Just a small dose in your baby’s formula or your breastmilk can help reduce gas and help balance the bacteria in their tiny tummy. That balance results in much healthier stools, and happier babies. Your baby is likely to sleep better and pass gas more easily after just a few days of taking a probiotic supplement. And the best probiotic for infants is the one that fits your budget – and works! Now that you’ve chosen your probiotic, be sure to check out our Best Baby Bottles right here!