Why Dr. Brown’s Bottles are one of the best on the market and recommended by most pediatricians.

SAFETY | Free of Any Chemicals

Dr. Brown’s has been a leading manufacturer of baby bottles for years and the popularity of their products is still very high. They really do pay close attention to the general look and feel of their bottles. First of all, Dr. Brown’s bottles are BPA and PVC free. They do not contain any lead and phthalates either which makes them very safe for regular use. The bottles are made of polypropylene which is a high-quality plastic.

…bottles are BPA and PVC free.

The venting system is really advanced in all Dr. Brown’s Bottles and the air is never mixed with the liquid inside. This interesting feature improves the quality of milk and keeps all the nutrients inside. They can be lost when the liquid is introduced to air. All the necessary vitamins will be preserved and your baby will get a healthy meal every single time you use this bottle.

All the necessary vitamins will be preserved…

Dr. Brown's Bottles review baby center mom's pick

Dr. Brown’s Bottles Baby Center Mom’s Pick of 2016

COMFORT | Bulky Body Takes Some Practice

Dr. Brown’s Bottles were the first product of this kind that featured a vent which is capable of eliminating air bubbles from the liquid that is poured inside. They truly are the pioneers and continue to improve their bottles even now. So if your baby does experience uncomfortable feeding and suffers from colic, gasses, or spit-ups, this bottle might solve the problem and turn the feeding process into a fun task.

…capable of eliminating air bubbles…

These bottles have numerous advantages and they are great for infants who are transitioning from being only breastfed, to learning how to use a bottle. They will feel very natural, probably because of the vacuum inside and the fact that there is no pressure on the ears while your baby is drinking. On the other hand, bottles might feel a bit bulky and they are not really ergonomic. They follow the classic baby bottle design without any curves which are essential for a firm grip. If your baby is really young, he or she might not be capable of holding the bottle on their own. The nipple itself is made of silicone and feels very natural while maintaining the firmness. It will not collapse when in use which is quite important.

…nipple itself is made of silicone and feels very natural…

Dr. Brown's Bottles review in use

Dr. Brown’s Bottles Shown in Use

EASE OF USE | Well-built Bottle


Dr. Brown’s Bottles do come in different sizes and you can definitely find the one that will fit your child perfectly. The most popular ones are 8 oz. and 4 oz. bottles. These might not be the lightest and most comfortable bottles around because they have very straight lines and really small hands will not be able to hold them firmly.

When it comes to the maintenance, the size of the opening might be problematic if you don’t have the right tools. It is narrow and the chances are you need a cleaning brush in order to get to the bottom part of the bottle in order to remove any build up. They can be placed in the dishwasher as well but always make sure everything is clean, especially the lower part of the bottle.

…8 oz. and 4 oz. bottles.


The bottle can be quite bulky so handling it might get a bit complex. If your child is not an infant, they will be able to handle the bottle, but it is definitely not made for tiny hands. Dr. Brown’s Bottles are not particularly travel-friendly either. It is due to the size of course and not because of the possible leaks. As a matter of fact, the cap sits properly on the top of the bottle and there will be no spillage anywhere.

So if you can find enough space to put a slightly bigger baby bottle inside of your bag or purse, you can be sure there will be no accidents. It is really well-built and the chances of this bottle breaking while in transport are next to zero. You can be sure that the milk or any liquid you pour inside will remain there (until you give the bottle to your little one).

The bottle can be assembled in no time even though there is a valve in the middle of it. It has the basic components and the bottle will be ready for use quickly. The same goes for taking it apart and you can start cleaning the bottle as soon as your baby finishes his or hers meal.

…bottle can be assembled in no time…

Dr. Brown's Bottles review size

Dr. Brown’s Bottles Box Size

PRICE + LONGEVITY | Pricey But Worth It


As you might have guessed, Dr. Brown’s Bottles are slightly more expensive than the other similar models. It is completely understandable because you will get a premium baby bottle that will last for a very long time. Your best option for saving some money is to purchase a starter pack that will provide you with five Dr. Brown’s Bottles (three bigger and two smaller bottles). The current price of this set is $29.99 and you’ll find everything you need inside of the box. That includes the nipples, vents, and a cleaning brush.

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These bottles are compatible with numerous breast milk pumps which are available in the market. So if you already have one, you can use these Dr. Browns Bottles on them as well. Just make sure the opening is right and use the lids that came with the default pump bottles. These bottles are very likely made of better materials than the ones which usually arrive with a pump.

If you use a breast milk pump, you know how important it is to have a meal for your baby ready. Since Dr. Brown’s starter’s kit has five bottles, you can fill them out now and have them stored in a fridge for quick use later. Knowing that the meal is prepared will surely make you feel comfortable and less stressed about the next feeding.


These bottles are made of high-quality plastic and they are pretty much unbreakable. However, there are a couple of things you can do in order to prolong the life of your Dr. Brown’s Bottle. After all, they can get damaged, especially if the bottles are in constant use on a daily basis. Make sure you clean them properly and do your best to reach the bottom of the bottle. It might be hard because the opening is not too wide, but it is quite important because any build up can be dangerous to your baby’s health.

You can use your dishwashing machine, but try cleaning them by hand every now and then just to make sure there are no leftovers hiding near the top opening. And dry them well before every use. Additionally, check the bottles regularly for any cracks or scratches. If you notice any, it is a sign you need to replace the bottle with a new one. Don’t continue to use it because cracks do damage the structure of the plastic and that can be quite dangerous to your little one.

…high-quality plastic and they are pretty much unbreakable.

Dr. Brown's Bottles review starter pack

Dr. Brown’s Bottles Starter Pack


  • Excellent anti-colic bottle that keeps the air away.
  • Well-made and sturdy.
  • The bottle will preserve the vitamins inside the liquid because of the vacuum.


  • The bulky design is difficult to hold in hand.
  • The cleaning process can be lengthy.

THE BOTTOM LINE | Solid Bottle That’s Good for the Tummy!

Dr. Brown’s Bottles are one of the highest rated baby bottles out there. They managed to stay at the top of their game since 1990’s and completely changed the functionality of the bottles by adding a valve that reduces the air inside and keeps it away from the liquid. If your infant shows any signs of discomfort after a meal, has gas, burps, or spill-ups, the trapped air might be the problem and you need to switch to a new bottle that has a vent.

These bottles are made of excellent materials that will stay intact for a long period of time and become an essential part of the daily feeding routine. The price is a bit on a higher side, especially if you decide to purchase only one bottle. However going for their starter’s pack is affordable and you’ll end up saving some money.

If your primary goal is to get an anti-colic bottle, this might be the right product for you. It definitely works and it will keep the air away from the milk, providing your little one with the best possible feeding experience. You will see the effects almost immediately which is excellent. On the other hand, this bottle is definitely not travel-friendly and it will take up some extra space inside of your bag. Cleaning the bottle might be difficult if you don’t have the right tools, namely a brush that can reach the bottom and scrub it well.

It is still a smart choice because the bottle preserves the nutrients in the milk and your little one will get the healthiest possible meals on a daily basis which is definitely on the top of your priorities.

Dr. Brown's Bottles review box

Dr. Brown’s Bottles Box