A great bottle made by a trusted brand. But the Philips Avent Natural has even more to offer.

SAFETY | High-quality Materials and Secure Grip

Philips Avent Natural bottles are safe to use and they are made of polypropylene. It is a high-quality plastic material which is BPA free and safe to sterilize. There will be no need to stress about chemicals being slowly released into the liquid which is excellent. Therefore, you can boil these bottles or simply place them in a sterilizing machine without worrying about the negative effects it might have on the structure of the bottle.

…BPA free and safe to sterilize.

The design of the Philips Avent Natural bottle allows easy pouring of the liquid and the wide opening at the top will prevent any possible spills around your home. Since this bottle has indentations in the middle, it is are easy to hold and you’ll be able to have a firm grasp on the bottle. Your little one can hold it as well and do so safely because the bottle is light. It is clear that the design team at Philips really did think this through and created an excellent bottle that is durable and comfortable to use.

…allows easy pouring of the liquid…

Philips Avent Natural Review PTPA Winner

Philips Avent Natural PTPA Winner

COMFORT | Double Valve for Air Elimination

As previously mentioned, the ergonomic bottle shape is easy to hold and feeding process will be effortless for both you and your baby. The nipple is flexible and soft, allowing your infant the full latch. Since the Philips Avent Natural is designed to resemble the actual nipple, the baby will be able to get used to it quicker. It has a reduced flow of liquid which is particularly useful for reducing the pressure in ears which is present during the feeding time. Plus, the nipple will stay in place and will not collapse in the middle of a meal. The markers on the side of the bottle are very visible and you will be able to pour the exact amount of liquid you need.

…ergonomic bottle shape is easy to hold…

The nipple on Philips Avent Natural bottle has another useful feature and that is the twin valve which eliminates air from the liquid and keeps it separate inside the bottle. The majority of new baby bottle models do have this feature but they usually place an additional vent at the bottom of the bottle or in the middle. Philips tried a different approach and inserted the valve into the nipple itself, saving you plenty of time when it comes to cleaning because there are no extra parts.

Your baby will feel comfortable after every single meal and you don’t have to worry about gas and tummy pain. It also prevents spit-ups so there will not be plenty of cleaning after your baby empties the bottle. Mealtime can become completely stress-free and your little one will not feel any discomfort afterward. Plus, they will be able to fall asleep quickly and will not wake up immediately due to belly pain.

…don’t have to worry about gas and tummy pain.

Philips Avent Natural Review in Use

Philips Avent Natural in Use

EASE OF USE | Light and Simple


It is small, compact, and can fit into every bag. The plastic material which is used for making this bottle is super light and even the smallest hands will be able to hold it firmly. It is available in three sizes – 4 oz., 9 oz., and 11 oz. Therefore, you’ll be able to purchase the appropriate size for your child’s age. Of course, infants do need smaller bottles, while older children require bigger ones. So change up the bottles as your little one grows. Simply pick out the right size and that’s it. The lids and nipples are interchangeable so you will not mix them up.

…4 oz., 9 oz., and 11 oz.


Philips Avent Natural bottle is very easy to maintain and clean. It has a wide neck on the top so you can reach inside with every cleaning brush or sponge you have available. You can either wash it in a dishwasher or do it by hand. It will not get damaged in any way regardless of your cleaning method. And don’t forget to dry the bottle well before pouring the liquid inside. This bottle is simple and it doesn’t have too many parts. Besides the bottle, you’ll also receive a nipple and a top lid as a part of the kit. All of them can be washed and sterilized in no time.

…simple and it doesn’t have too many parts.

Philips Avent Natural Review Disassembled

Philips Avent Natural Disassembled

PRICE + LONGEVITY | Reliable and High-end


When it comes to the price of Philips Avent Natural bottle, it really is quite affordable. You will be able to purchase a whole kit that consists of two bottles for only $16.99. Yes, it might be more expensive than some other baby bottles out there, but it is still low cost having in mind that it is made by Philips. They are a well-known brand known for their exceptional baby products and the price is well balanced with the quality of these bottles. Each bottle will arrive with its own cap and nipple so you’ll be able to have enough spare ones with ready meals waiting in the fridge.

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Philips Avent Natural bottle is suitable for small children of all ages. Of course, you have to get the sizing right so purchasing the bottle that has the proper volume is a must. Luckily, Philips got you covered because it offers a wide variety of bottles and you will be able to find the right size that will fit your baby. What makes these bottles so useful is the fact that you can switch the nipples and lids easily so save all the usable parts when you purchase a bigger model because they might come in handy. It is an excellent bottle for the transition period and your little one will get used to it quickly and without making too much fuss because the nipple itself feels very natural.


Since the bottle is made of polypropylene, it is high-end and will last for years without any signs of wear. You will not be able to damage it so easily and it will not shatter if you drop it accidentally on the floor. Therefore, you’ll get a well-built product that can be a perfect companion to your baby until he or she stops using the bottle. It can be cleaned easily and there will be no food buildup anywhere inside the bottle. The bottle will look brand new for a very long time. The nipples that will arrive with the bottles are top quality and they will not collapse while your baby uses it.

…high-end and will last for years…

Philips Avent Natural Review Interior Construction

Philips Avent Natural Interior Construction


  • Made of high-quality materials.
  • A well-designed nipple that does not collapse.
  • Double vent that releases the air back into the bottle.


  • More expensive than other bottles out there.
  • It might leak if you don’t place the top lid properly.

THE BOTTOM LINE | Ideal for Bottle and Breast Fed Babies

Since the air will stay inside the bottle and not end up in your baby’s tummy, spit-ups will be rare and your infant will be able to rest easily and get enough sleep every single day or night without feeling uncomfortable. Making their first months feel great is a priority to every parent. So if you have noticed that your baby has digestion problems, trying these bottles out might be the solution.

The bottles are simple and they do not have a lot of components. Therefore, you can clean them quickly and easily. This can save you plenty of time because you don’t have to deal with lengthy assembly process on a daily basis. The top opening is wide enough to avoid any spillage as you fill the bottle and you will be able to reach inside in order to clean it properly. It is dishwasher and microwave safe so you can heat up the liquid fast if needed.

The bottle can be carried inside a bag and it will not spill the liquid out. The top lid will sit firmly and once you put the protective cap on the nipple, you can be sure it will not make a mess. Some users did report spilling accidents but generally, they do not happen so often if you pay close attention to the cap and check if it sits well on the top of the bottle. The parts are interchangeable and you can use them with any Philips bottle you have. This is a great product for children who are both bottle and breastfed and it can be easily held in hand due to the ergonomic shape of the bottle.

Philips Avent Natural Review Box

Philips Avent Natural Box