This cream is made for super sensitive skin which is prone to irritations and both dermatologists and pediatricians approve it. It has been one of the most popular diaper creams in Europe for years and here is why.

SAFETY | Chemical-Free

The award-winning Weleda Diaper Cream passed all dermatological tests with flying colors and it is very suitable even for the most sensitive skin prone to redness and rashes. The natural ingredients which are used for making this formula are grown in Weleda’s special Biodynamic gardens which are located in Germany and they guarantee that every single part of this cream is completely chemical free.

We also have to mention that Weleda doesn’t test their products on animals so this product is cruelty-free. Additionally, you will not find any parabens, artificial dyes, or fragrances in Weleda Diaper Cream. Calendula extract which is the main ingredient really does wonders for the skin and your baby will absolutely love this cream.

…passed all dermatological tests with flying colors…

The ingredients do include zinc oxide, but the levels are low and the effectiveness really depends on the natural side of this cream. Chamomile acts anti-inflammatory and it deals with the redness, while almond oil makes sure that the skin is moisturized and smooth.

…you will not find any parabens, artificial dyes, or fragrances…

Weleda Diaper Cream review Ingredients

Weleda Diaper Cream Ingredients

COMFORT | Smooth Texture

The texture of Weleda Diaper Cream is very consistent and you can rub it in effortlessly. It is not oily and will not leave stains everywhere. It feels a bit light on your fingers but once you start applying it, you will see how rich it really is. If you are dealing with an inflamed rash, make sure you apply a thicker layer of this cream during each and every diaper change until the redness goes away completely.

…very consistent and you can rub it in effortlessly.

And don’t worry, this cream works really fast and your baby will start feeling better in just a couple of hours. You can continue using it even if the rash is gone because it is breathable and will nurture your baby’s skin really well but don’t apply too much product. Plus, you will prevent major rashes in the future.

If you are dealing with an inflamed rash, make sure you apply a thicker layer…

Weleda Diaper Cream review Flowers

Weleda Diaper Cream Flowers

EASE OF USE | Only One Size


Weleda Diaper Cream comes in a 2.8 oz. tube. Unfortunately, there are no smaller or bigger options out there. If you don’t like buying products before you test them, you can always ask for a sample and try it out in order to see if there are any additional irritations on the skin before you actually go out and purchase the full-size tube. The packaging itself is small and will not take too much space in your purse or a diaper bag.

…comes in a 2.8 oz. tube.



Even though the texture seems quite thin under your fingers, this cream is packed with good ingredients. So if you accidentally used a bit too much of the product, you might have a hard time removing it. You might try baby wipes but if you can still feel the cream on your baby’s skin, we recommend that you go for soap. It can be time-consuming but it will remove the diaper cream.

…we recommend that you go for soap.

Weleda Diaper Cream review Bottles

Weleda Diaper Cream Bottles



Since this cream is anti-bacterial, you can apply it to scratches and burns as a first aid. It will keep the area clean and help regenerate the skin. It can also be used for treating acne, especially in adults. Apply a small amount of Weleda Diaper Cream as a spot treatment, and there will be a huge difference if you do it regularly (and with clean hands!). It helps with eczemas as well.

…you can apply it to scratches and burns as a first aid.


Since this cream comes in one size only, you don’t have a lot of options that might be more budget friendly. But you can always get a small discount if you buy two or three tubes in a single package. It might not make a huge difference but you will still save some money. The price of 2.8 oz. tube has an MSRP of about $12.30 which is not so cheap in the long run. But you can save some cash, especially if you buy in bulk, and definitely if you opt for buying through places like Amazon (Check it Out).


Once you apply this cream, you can be sure it will stay in place for hours. You can sleep soundly knowing that your little one is comfortable as well. If you use this cream for treating rashes only, one tube can easily last you for months. It will truly pay off because the longevity is really good. Of course, if your infant is prone to skin irritations, you will need to apply more product to their skin, so you will probably squeeze the last drop from this tube in a few weeks.

If you use this cream for treating rashes only, one tube can easily last you for months.

Weleda Diaper Cream review size

Weleda Diaper Cream size


  • The great texture that goes on evenly.
  • Natural formula with a pleasant smell.
  • Made for very sensitive skin so everyone can use it.


  • Aluminum tube can be a bit tricky to squeeze.
  • It might not be the best option for cloth diapers.

THE BOTTOM LINE | Excellent Performance and Protection

Weleda Diaper Cream is the top choice in many European countries and it is easy to figure out why. The natural ingredients which are used to make this cream all come from a trusted place so you can be sure that there are no harmful chemicals inside. Additionally, it really works and the results are evident almost instantly. If a rash is not severe, the cream can reduce redness and itchiness in a single night.

The texture is light and it will keep the bacteria away from your baby’s skin for hours while letting it breathe and heal. And the smell is just divine. Unfortunately, it might not be suitable for cloth diapers. They will still work, but the effects will not be as fast. The price can be a deal breaker for some parents but this product is worth it.

Weleda Diaper Cream review Box

Weleda Diaper Cream Box