Why the BOB Revolution Flex is one of the safest and most comfortable jogging strollers out there.

SAFETY | The Weight Adjustments Add Security

One of the most, if not the most, important thing parents consider when choosing a new stroller is the safety of the model. And with the BOB Revolution Flex stroller, the safety is in the actual seat itself. Since most parents will want to utilize a jogger stroller for as long as possible, the seat in the BOB Revolution Flex is made with a BOB-exclusive, adjustable suspension system that can be changed once your baby has grown out of the first position. And since the jogger is made to support babies and small children from 8 weeks old and up to 70 pounds, being able to switch the suspension support in the seat of the stroller is plenty necessary.

…the safety is in the actual seat itself.

Whether you choose to use the BOB Revolution Flex stroller for walking or jogging, you’re likely going to want to utilize the wrist strap that comes attached to the handlebar of the stroller. And when it comes time to fold and put away the stroller, there is a buckle on the wrist strap that is used to secure the stroller closed. The five-point harness on the seat with adjustable straps helps in keeping your baby or toddler secure in their seat, regardless of the terrain that the Bob Revolution Flex is going over. And the foot-activated brake makes stopping the stroller and keeping it still one easy movement, as opposed to struggling to find a handbrake to pull.

The smaller front wheel swivels for maneuverability as needed, or locks for stability and security during longer jogs or while on less even terrain. That way, you can either lock it into place to avoid tripping or enable its swivel feature to be able to have more freedom if your path requires it.

The rear suspension support not only adds comfort to your baby’s experience with the BOB Revolution Flex but since there are multiple positions, it also adds safety, through each stage.

…lock it into place to avoid tripping…

BOB Revolution Flex review side facing

Bob Revolution Flex Side View

COMFORT | Your Baby Will Get A Smooth Ride

For some parents, getting their babies or toddlers to ride for long periods of time in a stroller can be a hassle, so if you can find a stroller that children actually like, that would be half of the battle taken care of. The BOB Revolution Flex because of its focus on jogging and creating a smooth ride for your baby or toddler, ensures that long outings in the stroller are actually enjoyable for your child. The actual tires of the BOB Revolution Flex are air-filled and on high-impact polymer wheels, making for a smooth ride that glides over bumps or uneven pavement as needed.

…high-impact polymer wheels…

The BOB Revolution Flex seat is ultra-padded for your child and also features ventilation to give their body breathing room on warmer days so they’re less likely to feel stifled during longer excursions. Not only does the seat have the ability to recline all the way to a laying position, but it can alternatively be adjusted so your baby or toddler can sit upright completely in order to actually see the path ahead of them.

Also for those warmer days or afternoons when the sun is brighter, the BOB Revolution Flex has an extra large canopy that features UPF 50+ protection, but also a window so you can check on them periodically without pulling back the entire canopy. Most importantly, though, instead of stretching out to shield the top of their head, it actually goes forward too, covering their face from the sun.

While seeking comfort for you baby on long stroller rides is plenty important, it’s also a deciding factor for some parents to feel at ease with their own comfort level, as they’re to be getting use out of the stroller for years as well. With the BOB Revolution Flex stroller, the padded handlebar is adjustable into nine different positions, making it possible for different sizes of adults to be able to use the stroller at any given time.

All of the added padding with a mesh, breathable fabric on the BOB Revolution Flex is necessary on warmer days that require longer rides in the jogger. The extra large canopy adds further comfort in another way, making the arrangement complete.

…padded handlebar is adjustable into nine different positions.

BOB Revolution Flex review side facing with canopy

BOB Revolution Flex with Canopy

EASE OF USE | There Are Lots Of Simple Benefits


The size is fairly standard for these folding joggers, coming in at about 44×25.4×43 inches and weighing 28.5 lbs. The cargo basket below the actual seat of the BOB Revolution Flex stroller provides 15% more storage space than the average jogger, meaning that parents won’t have to carry a diaper bag as they jog with the stroller and they can easily store stuffed animals or snack refills. The BOB Revolution Flex is also equipped with the ability to have the BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter connected to it.

…15% more storage space than the average jogger.


The BOB Revolution Flex is all about being able to do things with the flick of a latch or the pull of a tab and in doing so, it makes it a lot easier to use than some other strollers out there. To collapse the stroller down and store it, there is an easy two-step folding method that entails folding down the stroller from the handlebar and then folding it back down in half for easy storage. And to further store the BOB Revolution Flex stroller, the tires are easily removable to store or transport the stroller in an even tighter space.

Although it is sold separately, you can pair it with either a BOB B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat or with any other major brand car seat. You can also purchase the snack tray and connect it to the inserts that are already in place on the stroller. But if you don’t want to add a snack tray to the BOB Revolution Flex, there are built-in pockets on the inside of the seat on both sides, which are large enough to hold a bottle or sippy cup each.

All of the little pockets and compartments more than make up for the lack of a snack tray or official cup holders with the BOB Revolution Flex.

…do things with the flick of a latch or the pull of a tab.

BOB Revolution Flex review front facing

BOB Revolution Flex Front Facing

PRICE + LONGEVITY | It Might Be The Only Jogger You’ll Need


It’s considered one of the higher end baby jogging strollers with the (MSRP) being $449.99, but that’s what you should expect to pay for the better quality brands.

But right now on Amazon, you can get it for less than the MSRP! (Check it Out).


Although spending several hundred dollars on a jogging stroller might not be realistic for some parents, the BOB Revolution Flex is also one that can be used almost immediately after having a baby, up until your toddler no longer needs a stroller at all. This means of course that by purchasing this particular jogger, there is no need for any other one during your child’s younger years and that it may very well be the only jogger, or stroller period, that you’ll need.


Although BOB recommends that you do not place your baby in the BOB Revolution Flex stroller without a car seat until they are at least eight weeks old, the minimum weight requirement is 5 pounds, with the stroller maxing out at 65 pounds. And that wide range means that the BOB Revolution Flex might be the only jogger you’ll need for your baby as they grow into a toddler and eventually have strong and long enough legs to keep up with you without a stroller present. But even before your baby is at the eight-week mark, with the BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter (sold separately), you can connect most car seats securely to the stroller and start using it as soon as you’re ready.

…might be the only jogger you’ll need for your baby.

BOB Revolution Flex review adjustable handle

BOB Revolution Flex Adjustable Handlebar


  • The huge canopy of the BOB Revolution Flex is no joke. It really does extend longer than the average sun canopy for far more coverage, with two panels that can be brought down to provide even more coverage.
  • The storage areas are conveniently placed. While there is a snack tray that can be purchased separately, there are pockets on the inside of the seat which provide easy access for your child, without making them feel boxed in.
  • The wheels are made to be tough. The wheels, filled with air, are strong and durable enough to go over sandy or rocky terrain, and even relatively deep snow, should you need to.


  • There are no cup holders or easy access compartments for the adult. Sure, there is a basket on the back of the seat, but the BOB Revolution Flex would do well to have cup holders available for the adult jogging with it.
  • As great as the canopy is, a ran covering would make it even more comfortable for the baby, ensuring that any light rain doesn’t disturb them.
  • It can be a bit bulky. Although the BOB Revolution Flex does fold up for transport and storage, it can still be relatively bulky, especially if you have a smaller car.

THE BOTTOM LINE | A Long Term Investment

All joggers have their upsides like high safety ratings, and their downsides like prices that may be too high for some parents.

But in the end, it’s important to take into account each factor and decide whether or not it’s the right investment for you and your family.

The BOB Revolution Flex jogger, like most, focuses on its safety and versatility in rolling through smooth and rough terrain alike, so in some ways, choosing the right jogger may have become a little bit easier.

BOB Revolution Flex review back facing

BOB Revolution Flex Back View