It doesn’t need to be Halloween to dress your little cutie up! There are many occasions every year that would be perfect for dressing your baby up including holidays, parties, family gatherings, or even for playtime! Another reason parents dress their kiddos up in costumes is to keep them warm during cooler weather events like sporting events or charity events, for example.No matter the occasion, here are a few of the best baby costumes in case you’re looking for any reason to dress your baby up!

BEST OVERALL | InCharacter Lil’ Monkey Costume

Best Baby Costumes InCharacter Lil' Monkey Costume

InCharacter Lil’ Monkey Costume

What is it about babies dressed up as monkeys that make parents lose their minds? Perhaps it’s because our babies are already little monkeys at heart? Whatever it is, this InCharacter Lil’ Monkey Costume tops our list for cuteness, features, and price. It can be worn as a Halloween costume, for playtime, or for whatever other occasion calls for a cute little monkey! This costume is not only affordable but it comes with a monkey headpiece, a bodysuit, and little monkey feet with grippy bottoms for little walkers. This costume is made with quality and attention to details. It’s made with a light enough material so your little one can wear it in warmer climates and has enough room to layer underneath for cooler weather. The tail on this costume stays attached and is a “posable” tail, which means it can be bent in any way that you desire. There is an easy-access hatch with buttons for easy diaper changes. The material is super soft and fuzzy, so cuddling your little monkey won’t be a problem! The Monkey Costume MSRP is $50, but check the current InCharacter Lil’ Monkey Costume – Amazon price.

BEST DESIGN | InCharacter Lil’ Gobbler Turkey Costume

Best Baby Costumes InCharacter Lil' Gobbler Turkey Costume

InCharacter Lil’ Gobbler Turkey Costume

Okay, how can turkeys get any cuter than this?! The In Character Lil’ Gobbler Turkey Costume is a perfect option for any occasion, especially Thanksgiving, Halloween, all-popular “Turkey Trots,” or just for fun! The design of this cute little turkey is gorgeous, with bright popping colors, quality materials, and great fit. It’s light enough to be worn in warmer climates, but there’s enough room underneath to layer for colder weather as well. It does have a removable turkey tail that snaps on with a couple of heavy-duty buttons. The turkey feet are also separate from the rest of the costume and have little grips on the bottoms for babies that are walking age. Almost every parent that bought this costume raves about how stinking cute their kiddos were, so it’s a costume you can’t go wrong with! The MSRP for this cute little turkey  costume is is $35, click here to find the current InCharacter Lil’ Gobbler Turkey Costume – Amazon price.

BEST HOLIDAY COSTUME | InCharacter Santa Baby Costume

Best Baby Costumes InCharacter Santa Baby Costume

InCharacter Santa Baby Costume

If you can’t resist dressing your baby up for the holidays, then the InCharacter Santa Baby Costume is a great option! We seriously can’t resist babies in beards. This costume comes with a Santa hat, detachable beard, bodysuit, and detachable booties. If your baby can’t stand the beard, it’s easily detachable with velcro. It also has an easy access hatch for changing diapers. Keep in mind that this costume does come with heavier fabric, so it might be easy for baby to get hot if you’re at a stuffy family gathering. An easy fix is to keep under layers to just a onesie to prevent overheating. Keep the family gatherings and parties lighthearted and fun with this cute little Santa by your side! If you have multiples, this reindeer costume or this elf costume are the perfect complements to the InCharacter Santa Baby Costume. The MSRP for the Convict Costume is $50 but check the InCharacter Santa Baby Costume – Amazon price here. If you want to see more babies with beards, check out our Best Baby Halloween Costumes!

BEST NEWBORN | Rubie’s Going Bananas Bunting Costume

Best Baby Costumes Rubie's Going Bananas Bunting Costume

Rubie’s Going Bananas Bunting Costume

The Going Bananas Bunting Costume is a great option for Halloween, costume parties, or for playtime. There are a few reasons this costume is a great option for newer babies. The Rubie’s Going Bananas Bunting Costume is seriously cozy and will keep your little baby warm, especially important because newborns have more trouble regulating their body temp. This banana bunting has a detachable hat to also keep baby’s head warm. A great feature of this costume is that it has a no-hassle removal…velcro makes everything easy! Some babies who are a little larger around the midsection might bust out of this banana a little easy, but for the most part, this costume was very easy to use and fit a wide variety of little ones. MSRP for this cute little banana is $28 but check out the Rubie’s Going Bananas Bunting Costume – Amazon price right now.

BARGAIN BUY | InCharacter Silly Sunflower Costume

Best Baby Costumes InCharacter Silly Sunflower Costume

InCharacter Silly Sunflower Costume

This adorable InCharacter Silly Sunflower Costume can be worn for any occasion at any time of year! Have your baby wear it in the dead of winter to cheer everyone up, or put it on your babe in summer or spring to match the beautiful flowers. This cute little costume is budget friendly and functional, with a light material that is great for all climates. A great use for this outfit would be for outdoor events in the spring when it might be a little cooler, helping you to keep baby warm in style! It has a detachable headpiece and buttons on the bottom for easy diaper changes. Otherwise, the rest of it is all one piece. It also has skid-resistant feet for little ones who are walking. This outfit comes in a range of sizes and will fit your little ones from 0 to 24 months. To up the cuteness factor, find a flower pot that your baby will comfortably fit in and stick this little flower in the flower pot! With an MSRP of $30, check the InCharacter Silly Sunflower Costume – Amazon price here.


There are tons of reasons to dress your baby up other than Halloween, and we have to admit, there’s nothing cuter than a baby in a costume…especially when it’s YOUR baby. Bringing a baby in a costume to any occasion will also bring smiles, fun, and heart-warming memories. If you’re looking for some more costume ideas, check out some of the Best Baby Halloween Costumes. Otherwise, have a blast making memories with your little cutie on your costume adventures!