Halloween can be a fun and exciting time for parents to show off their babies in adorable and creative little costumes. When shopping for costumes, it’s important to think past cuteness and find what’s going to be comfortable and functional for long hours or trick-or-treating, especially if you live in extreme weather conditions (very hot or very cold). Most of these costumes also are great for “themed” Halloweens that many families like to do. Here we’ve put together 5 of the best baby Halloween Costumes that are easy to find and won’t break the bank!

BEST OVERALL | InCharacter Lil’ Garden Gnome Costume

Best Baby Halloween Costumes InCharacter Lil' Garden Gnome Costume

InCharacter Lil’ Garden Gnome Costume

If you have a sense of humor, want an adorable and unique baby costume, but still are looking for functionality, then you should think about ordering a little garden gnome for Halloween! The InCharacter Lil’ Garden Gnome Costume will blow other baby costumes out of the water with its adorable originality and versatility. It comes with detachable boots and headpiece and is a nicely made costume that is sure to keep your baby cozy during cooler October weather. The material is a little more heavy, so those in hotter climates might want to layer with just a onesie underneath. It comes with buttons on the legs to make diaper changing a breeze but otherwise is built as a long-sleeve jumper. Another option if you’re looking for a themed Halloween for your entire family is to double this costume as a “dwarf”, like from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves,” for example. Another great feature is that this costume comes in a nice range of sizes from newborn up until 24 months! It’s also machine washable with hang dry so it’s also very easy to clean. This unique little baby costume is sure to draw attention and giggles this Halloween! The Lil’ Garden Gnome MSRP is $60, but check the current InCharacter Lil’ Garden Gnome Costume – Amazon price.

BEST DESIGN | Rubie’s Noah Ark Lion Cub Baby Costume

Best Baby Halloween Costumes Rubie's Noah Ark Lion Cub Baby Costume

Rubie’s Noah Ark Lion Cub Baby Costume

One of the cutest designs we found was the Rubie’s Noah Ark Lion Cub Baby Costume because seriously, what baby isn’t adorable as a little lion cub?! This little lion romper has adorable and comfortable features that are sure to up the cuteness level this Halloween. Their feet will be covered, but there are openings for their hands to still play and grab. This little suit also comes with a mouse prop that can double as a toy after you’re done with the costume. The mane is detachable and separate from the rest of the costume, and it’ll help keep baby’s head warm if you live in cooler climates. Another great idea (if you have a dog) is to buy a matching lion’s mane for your pup so you can have a full lion’s pride for Halloween! The material for the baby lion cub costume is actually quite light, despite being covered in fur, so this costume is perfect for layering if you know it will be cool outside. One downside that a lot of parents didn’t like about the costume is that the packaging causes the mane to get crunched and matted. Many parents, however, found that with some “styling” and fluffing, the costume perks right up and is adorable on their kiddo. The MSRP for this cute little lion costume is is $35, click here to find the current Rubie’s Noah Ark Lion Cub Baby Costume – Amazon price.

BEST NEWBORN | Anne Geddes Baby Sea Turtle Costume

Best Baby Halloween Costumes Anne Geddes Baby Sea Turtle Costume

Anne Geddes Baby Sea Turtle Costume

There are a few reasons this costume is a great option for newer babies. The Baby Ann Geddes Sea Turtle Costume is seriously cozy and will keep your little baby warm, especially important because newborns have more trouble regulating their body temp. It covers their hands, feet, and head so it’s perfect for the cooler month of October. However, the material isn’t too thick or bulky, so warmer climates will still be tolerable. Parents in warmer climates just put a onesie on underneath the costume and their baby did great. If you live in a colder climate you might need to add a few layers to your cute little sea turtle. One unique aspect of this costume is the turtle shell that comes with it. It does NOT attach to the costume (some parents didn’t like that) and is only meant for your baby to be carried in or lie in. Some parents rigged up a velcro attachment so that the shell could stay attached if desired. The other nice thing about this costume is that it comes in newborn sizes (hard to find with a lot of baby costumes) so your little one won’t be drowning in fabric. The colors are also very rich and beautiful! MSRP for this cute little Sea Turtle is $60 but check out the Anne Geddes Baby Sea Turtle Costume – Amazon price right now.

BEST SIBLING DUO | InCharacter Time Out Convict and Rubie’s Police Costumes

Best Baby Halloween Costumes InCharacter Time Out Convict Costume

InCharacter Time Out Convict Costume

Best Baby Halloween Costumes Rubie's Policeman Jumper Costume

Rubie’s Policeman Jumper Costume

What’s cuter than a baby in a costume? TWO babies in costumes! The InCharacter Time Out Convict and Rubie’s Policeman Jumper Costume complement each other perfectly. These two costumes don’t come together, so they need to be bought separately, but with these costumes, you’ll get a very dynamic duo. The materials for both costumes are very soft and light, perfect for warmer weather. However, if you’re in a cold climate and you’ll be outside, make sure to layer underneath this costume, as babies have a harder time regulating body temperature. The Convict Costume runs up to 2T in sizes, but the Policeman Costume only runs to 12 months. With this pair of costumes, your babies will be comfortable and will surely crack some smiles wherever you take them on their Halloween adventures! The MSRP for the Convict Costume is $30 but check the InCharacter Time Out Convict Costume – Amazon price here. MSRP for the Police Costume is also $30 but find the current Rubie’s Policeman Jumper Costume – Amazon price here.

BARGAIN BUY | Spooktacular Creations Monkey Costume

Best Baby Halloween Costumes Spooktacular Creations Monkey Costume

Spooktacular Creations Monkey Costume

If you want your little monkey to be a little monkey for Halloween, then the Spooktacular Creations Monkey Costume is a perfect fit! This adorable little costume is budget-friendly but still a perfect option for any cutie. The package comes with a monkey headpiece, bodysuit, detachable monkey feet, and a plush banana, which pretty much completes the outfit. It’s a nice warm material which is perfect for cooler weather, so those in warmer climates should avoid layering underneath. It’s machine washable with hang dry, non-toxic, and could also double for playing at home. The legs and bottom have buttons for easy diaper changes as well. There is also a nice range of sizes, starting at 6 months and topping out at 3T. The quality of this budget-friendly costume is not lacking. With an MSRP of $30, check the Spooktacular Creations Monkey Costume – Amazon price here.


Whether you want to go DIY and make your baby’s Halloween costume or want to make it simple and easy by ordering one online, both options won’t take away from the great memories you’ll make during your baby’s first few Halloweens. If you don’t want to limit dressing your baby up to JUST Halloween, check out some other adorable baby costumes here. No matter the costume you choose for your baby, they are sure to be the most adorable babe on the block!