When it comes to shopping for baby monitors, the options are endless. Due to the infinite amount of features involved with baby monitors, it’s important to think about the what is right for your family before honing in on the perfect system. Here you’ll find some of the top baby monitors on the market. We’ve done the hard research for you and will break down each monitor’s high and low points so you can make the best decision for your baby.

BEST OVERALL | Nest Cam Baby Monitor

Nest Cam Baby Monitor Review Camera

Nest Cam Baby Monitor

If you’re looking for the Cadillac of baby monitoring systems, look no further than the Nest Cam Baby Monitor. This high-tech system can double as a home security system, with seemingly endless features and accessories. The higher price tag comes with value and quality. You can count on reliable equipment, amazing customer support, and easy use features – all awesome qualities to look for when buying a good baby monitoring system. The great part about Nest products is that you not only have the ability to expand to multiple cameras but also other great monitoring and safety devices like the thermostats, smoke/CO alarms, and more. This gives you the versatility to use these devices to make a great home security system in addition to baby monitoring. The Nest Cam Baby Monitor is 100% internet based, so it’s important to have a good internet connection (above 2 Mbps for this system) to function properly. Although, if your internet is on the slower side, there are options to speed things up by changing app settings. The Nest Cam MSRP is $199 but check the current Nest Cam Baby Monitor – Amazon price. Rest assured you’ll get your money’s worth with this monitoring system.

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BEST DESIGN | iBaby M6T Monitor

iBaby M6T Monitor Review with Temperature and Humidity Control

iBaby M6T Monitor

The iBaby M6T Monitor falls into the high-tech category for baby monitoring systems. This is a completely internet-based monitor that requires users to download a free app directly to their smartphone. Some top features include temperature and humidity monitoring, sound and motion alerts sent to the app, remote pan and tilt, and endless range with an internet connection. With many other features to boast about, the iBaby M6T Monitor does best with an internet connection higher than 2.5 Mbps, so make sure this is compatible with your current WiFi setup. If you love to keep a constant eye on baby and enjoy some unique features like multiple safety alerts, two-way voice connection, HD video with panoramic viewing, and endless connection capabilities (which can be awesome if you are away from your baby often because of work or travel) then this monitor could be a great fit. MSRP for the iBaby is $160 but check out the iBaby M6T Monitor iBaby M6T Monitor – Amazon priceright now.

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EASIEST TO USE | Summer Infant Panorama Monitor

Summer Infant Panorama Monitor with parent monitor and baby camera

Summer Infant Panorama Monitor

Packing a punch for tech features, the Summer Infant Panorama Monitor has lots of highly sought-after aspects that many parents look for in a video baby monitor. With a camera monitor that goes in the baby’s room, a parent viewing monitor, a wall mount, cord clips, and user-friendly setup guides this little device has everything you need to set up a great baby monitoring system. A few top features include on-screen temp display, a great 5′ LCD parent viewing unit, remote pan/scan/zoom capabilities, a huge 800-foot range, and gentle nightlight options. The Summer Infant Panorama Monitor also comes with an easy setup guide and explains all aspects of the monitor very thoroughly. Although it comes with a higher price tag with an MSRP of $180, for parents looking for many safety and easy-use features this monitor has almost everything you could need. Check the  Summer Infant Panorama Monitor – Amazon price here.

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MOST VERSATILE | Levana Keera Monitor

Levana Keera Monitor camera and 3.5" parent viewing screen

Levana Keera Monitor

With the Levana Keera Monitor, you’ll get a wide range of features for a great digital baby monitor. The visual aspects of this monitor are exceptional, with invisible LED night vision being a great feature to have. The top feature of this system is the ability to store priceless videos and pictures of your kiddo on the included micro SD card for up to 32 GB of storage. The baby camera also is able to pan, tilt, and zoom directly from the parent unit so you don’t have to go into baby’s room to change the view. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use monitor, the Levana Keera Monitor comes in with a good rating because of its easy setup and easy buttons and icons. Although the range can be spotty at times, there are many great features that make this system a great choice. The MRSP on the Levana website is $160, click here to find the current Levana Keera Monitor – Amazon price.

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BARGAIN BUY | Levana Ayden Monitor

Levana Ayden Monitor

Levana Ayden Monitor

If you’re looking for great, high-tech features at an affordable price, then the Levana Ayden Monitor could be a nice fit. With features like a 48-hour battery life on PEEP mode, invisible LED night vision, and a huge range of 750 feet, this monitor doesn’t skimp on practicality. A few other useful characteristics are the 3.5” LCD parent viewing screen with easy-to-use buttons and icons, the private digital signal, a gentle nightlight for baby’s room, and the ability to expand up to four cameras. These features are usually only seen on more expensive cameras. The MSRP is $100 but check the Levana Ayden Monitor – Amazon price here. The Levana Ayden Monitor would be a great option for parents looking for these awesome options on a smaller budget.

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Doing thorough research is important when looking for the right baby monitor. With countless baby monitors on the market and infinite technology to sift through, find what features are important for you and your baby to help you narrow down your search. We hope that by doing a lot of that work for you, you can make a better and more informed decision already. Any of these monitors are a worthwhile choice.