There are several good reasons your mom started you on rice cereal as your first solid(ish) food, and why you should consider it for your own little mini-me, too. Rice cereal is one of the easiest foods to digest and rarely does rice cause any allergic reaction. Also, it’s one of those foods that you can use to transition a baby from breast milk or formula to other solid foods. You can add a bit of rice cereal to a baby’s milk in their bottle and add a wider tipped nipple. It’s even been used by parents to help babies who have colic and tend to spit up more than other babies. Rice cereal can also be used as a supplemental calorie supply when you aren’t producing enough breast milk, or you want to start easing up on the formula. So, which rice cereal is best for babies? There’s a whole slew of them out there, and we found the five best for you to try.

BEST OVERALL | Earth’s Best Organic, Whole Grain Rice Cereal, 8 Ounce (Pack of 12)

Earth's Best Organic, Whole Grain Rice Cereal

Earth’s Best Organic, Whole Grain Rice Cereal

Whether you’re concerned about non-organic foods, or GMOS, Earth’s Best Organic, Whole Grain Rice Cereal could be a great choice for you. If it’s important to you that your baby’s first solid food be free of genetically modified ingredients and be organic with no harmful pesticides, then there’s a good chance you’re willing to pay more for a product like this one. Even if GMOs don’t bother you, the cost of this rice cereal isn’t exponentially more than that of the bargain-bin brand.

You won’t find anything artificial in this box, nor are there preservatives. Like most cereals, this one is fortified with all sorts of vitamins and minerals. Your baby will get nearly half of their daily iron, which helps them grow big and strong. If your little one likes it, then it’s easy to feed. In the unlikely event that your baby isn’t a fan of rice cereal, you can easily mix this into other things they do like, such as some chopped up apples, a bottle, or you can add fruit to the cereal.

Rice cereal is one of those staples for babies as they’re starting to make the transition to solid finger foods, but it’s also a great way to work more vitamins and minerals into a baby’s diet when that baby has Celiac disease. The MSRP is $34.32, but be sure to check the current Earth’s Best Organic, Whole Grain Rice Cereal here.

BEST DESIGN | Bio-Kinetics Organic Brown Rice Baby Cereal Made with Sprouted Whole Grain Brown Rice 7 Oz. (198 g) – 2 Pack

Bio-Kinetics Organic Brown Rice Baby Cereal

Bio-Kinetics Organic Brown Rice Baby Cereal

Rice cereal is a popular choice for babies who are sitting in their high chairs and learning to eat solid foods, but Bio-Kinetics takes that whole organic rice cereal thing a step or two further. Bio-Kinetics Organic Brown Rice Baby Cereal made with sprouted whole grain brown rice turns the nutrition factor up a bit. Compared to the basic rice cereal available, your baby will get about twice the amount of protein, four times the dietary fiber, more potassium, and it’s lower in calories, making this more nutritionally dense.

Bio-Kinetics designed this cereal with health in mind, and there are no additives. Plus, because of the sprouted whole grain brown rice, your baby will also get more enzymes, and the naturally occurring probiotics that come from sprouted grains.

The flakes can be mixed with milk, water, or juice. Yes, sprouted grains have a funky, earthy smell, but that’s natural and normal. Once it’s prepared, the smell should dissipate. This rice cereal for babies is easy on little digestive systems, also. This isn’t a fortified cereal, though, so if your goal is to plump up your baby’s iron intake, you’ll have to look elsewhere. The MSRP for a two bag pack is $14.99, but be sure to check the current Bio-Kinetics Organic Brown Rice Baby Cereal here.

MOST VERSATILE | Cream of Rice Nabisco Cream Of Rice, 14 OZ (Pack of 2)

Cream of Rice Nabisco Cream Of Rice

Cream of Rice Nabisco Cream Of Rice

Who doesn’t remember the box of Cream of Wheat in grandma’s pantry? There was the regular one, and then the chocolate one. From the same makers comes Cream of Rice hot cereal. It’s a gluten-free option that is easy for babies to digest, but it’s also great for kids, teens, and adults who have gluten intolerance or Celiac disease. It’s one of the most versatile rice cereals on the market.

Cream of Rice Nabisco Cream Of Rice is a fortified cereal that includes plenty of iron for growing youngsters, and it’s packed with protein and carbs, but there’s no added sugar. It’s easy on tummies, young, old, or canine. That’s what makes this such a versatile product. If you have a dog at home who isn’t feeling well, you can feed them a bit of this cereal and know that they’re still getting some nutrition, and they should be able to digest it more easily.

Now, given that this has such a short ingredient list and doesn’t include any salt or sugar, it doesn’t taste like much. That’s why it’s one of those things that’s great to add to something else. You can make this with milk or water, and then add a bit of natural sugar in the form of fruit, if you’d like. For older kids, try swirling in a handful of chocolate chips for a treat. The MSRP is $11.89 for two boxes, but be sure to check the current Cream of Rice Nabisco Cream Of Rice here.

EASIEST TO USE | Nestle Nestum 3 Cereals, 14.1-Ounce (Pack of 6)

Nestle Nestum 3 Cereals

Nestle Nestum 3 Cereals

When babies aren’t fussy, and they seem able to handle any grain, there’s Nestle Nestum 3 Cereals. There are three types of grains blended to make this one cereal for babies 1 year and older. Wheat, corn, and rice are the three main ingredients. You’ll notice there’s some added sugar in this product, as well. Other than sugar and a bit of salt, everything else is a vitamin to help fortify little ones’ tummies and system.

The protein is higher than most rice cereals, and you’ll find about 40 percent of a baby’s needed iron for the day. There are also vitamins A, C, E, D, and B, plus zinc, phosphorus, and folic acid. It’s a great addition to a baby’s milk to help them grow – especially if they’re a bit underweight.

This isn’t a terribly common product in the United States, but it’s found in several countries of Latin America and Asia. Making it is easier than many other rice cereals, as there’s no need to cook it. Simply warm up some milk, add the cereal to the milk, and then stir until it’s smooth. You can add fruit to this cereal to make it even tastier and healthier. The MSRP is $26.22, but be sure to check the current Nestle Nestum 3 Cereals here.

BARGAIN BUY | Gerber Single-Grain Rice Baby Cereal, 16 Ounce (Pack of 6)

Gerber Single-Grain Rice Baby Cereal

Gerber Single-Grain Rice Baby Cereal

It should come as no surprise to you to see Gerber Single-Grain Rice Baby Cereal on this list. Gerber has been doing the whole baby food thing for a while now, and it’s what many babies grew up eating. This rice cereal isn’t made with any genetically modified ingredients, and nothing artificial has been added. You’ll find a little bit of sugar added, but it’s only about 1 gram per serving, which is barely any at all. The sodium is also low for this rice cereal.

When it comes to nutrition, Gerber really packed it in with this fortified rice cereal. For an infant serving, you’re looking at nearly half of the daily recommended amount of iron, and about 25 percent of a ton of vitamins. Check the package and you’ll see vitamins C, E, B, folate, phosphorus, zinc, and others listed. There’s also about 20 percent of the calcium needed and a bit of protein. The only thing lacking is vitamin A, so you might want to keep some pureed carrots on hand.

This rice cereal is easy on tiny tummies, and it makes a great introduction to solid foods. For babies still on breast milk or formula only, but they just aren’t getting full, this can be a good supplement to help them feel full. Once they’ve graduated to solid foods, they can still eat this with fruit. You haven’t even gotten to the best part about this rice cereal. It’s one of the most affordable rice cereals out there. You can buy a case of this rice cereal that’s sure to last you nearly six months, and it costs pennies per serving. The MSRP is $24.54, but be sure to check the current Gerber Single-Grain Rice Baby Cereal here.


There are a lot of opinions out there about rice cereal. Some moms say they refuse to feed their babies cereals at all, while others don’t know what they’d do without it. The best rice cereal for babies includes a bit shot of iron, lots of vitamins, and doesn’t have too many additives. You can find some with no sugar or salt added, or you can find some with minimal amounts.

Rice cereal is one of the easiest grains to digest, and it’s a great transitional food for little ones who are just learning to eat solid foods. It’s also great to add to a bottle for babies who aren’t getting full enough from breast milk or formula alone. Many of the rice cereals out there today are responsibly sourced, so they’re free of genetically modified ingredients, and many are organic, meaning the ingredients were not treated with harmful pesticides. Whether you’re looking for the most versatile rice cereal, the best price, or the overall best rice cereal for babies, it’s sure to be on this list. And be sure to check out our Best Baby Formula choices right here if you’re thinking about alternating it with the cereal.