Sometimes and old-school idea can work better than a new model. Check out how the Medela Bottles hold on to those values.

SAFETY | High-quality Materials

Medela bottles are compatible with their breast milk pumps so if you already own this device, purchasing a bottle as well is definitely the right move. It will save you a lot of time because you can pump milk directly into the bottle without using extra containers and you will not lose any liquid in the process. These bottles are light, easy to store, and unbreakable.

…pump milk directly into the bottle.

They are made of reusable plastic that is BPA free. Medela bottles also have an FDA approval which is a nice detail. The bottle will not release any harmful chemicals during the course of time no matter how much you use them. They can replace glass bottles and you will still get the same results in terms of safety. Plus, these bottles will not shatter if you accidentally drop them down. Additionally, you can place it in any bottle warmer and it will not have any impact on the structure of the bottle or damage it in any way.

They can replace glass bottles…

Medala Bottles Review Whole Kit

Medala Bottles Whole Kit

COMFORT | Comfortable Grip

If you are looking for a simple bottle that doesn’t have too many extra parts and will be easy to clean, then Medela bottles might be the right product for you. They are super light, can be washed in a machine or by hand, and cannot be broken. The overall design is simple and it does not offer plenty of innovation in terms of grip or shape.

…washed in a machine or by hand, and cannot be broken.

This doesn’t mean the bottle will not sit well in your hands. You can still have full control over it and it will be very useful for both you and your baby because it latches well to a Medela pump and there will be no spillage during the process of filling out the bottle.

They arrive with a silicon nipple that has a wide basis and your baby will love it. It is great for youngsters who are switching to bottles because they feel very natural and your infant will get used to it almost immediately. The nipples do collapse sometimes, especially during feeding so always be on a lookout. Also, the wider top might hold some milk up there so your baby might not be able to get all the liquid out.

…latches well to a Medela pump…

Medala Bottles Review Close Up

Medala Bottles Close Up

EASE OF USE | Clean Design and Easy to Use


Medela bottles are fairly small and the exact dimensions are 8.1 x 6.3 x 2.7 inches. Choosing the right size depends on the age of your little one. Infants do need smaller quantities of food so going for a 5 oz. bottle is the way to go and they can last until the child outgrows the size. The small bottle will arrive with a reduced flow nipple and you will be able to monitor the feeding process more closely. They are suitable for babies that are up to four months old.

On the other hand, if your little one is older than four months, you can safely use an 8 oz. bottle. It has a standard silicone nipple and visible markers on the side that will tell you exactly how much liquid is currently in the bottle. They are printed on the side and provide you with assistance while aiming for the right meal size. So you can forget the extra measuring cups because the markers on this bottle are excellent.

…a 5 oz. bottle is the way to go.


Since the bottle itself is very simple, holding it shouldn’t be a problem. Your baby will be able to do so as well when they get a bit older. They will be able to grip the bottle on their own sometime down the road. However, we recommend that you hold the bottle until your little one grows a bit because it might not be suitable for small hands. Since this bottle comes with just the basic parts, the cleaning process will be quick. You can either place the bottle in your dishwashing machine or wash it by hand. But always make sure you dry both the inside and the outside before you put it to use.

Reaching inside might be tricky if you are washing the bottle by hand and you might need a narrower brush in order to get in completely. And yes, Medela bottles can be used without a pump as well. There will be no need to purchase all the accessories because the bottle is a good product on its own and it will definitely find its place in your daily lives. You will be able to place it in a bag without worrying about the possible spillage but always check the top cap and make sure it is in place. They are a bit difficult to put on properly so don’t rush it.

…might need a narrower brush…

Medala Bottles Review Showing Size

Medala Bottles Showing Size

PRICE + LONGEVITY | Affordable with Old-school Design


Medela bottles are super affordable, especially if you decide to go for a set. Sets are excellent if you already have their breast pump and you want to have stored milk ready for use at all times. The price of one set is $14.99 and you will receive six bottles in it. It is more convenient than purchasing a single bottle and you’ll always have a backup (or two) on hold. You will get a nipple and a lid with each bottle so storing milk will be quite easy.

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As we have previously mentioned, it doesn’t matter if you already have a Medela pump or not – these bottles can be useful to everyone. They might not be as inventive as some other bottles out there, but the classic design and the fact that they can be cleaned easily and be ready for use in no time speaks volumes. It is a very old-school bottle that doesn’t have fancy venting or additions so it might cause some gas problems to your little one, especially if he or she is prone to it. Some bottles do hold the air bubbles away from the liquid and unfortunately, this is not the case with Medela bottles. Getting the properly sized bottle is very important. Smaller ones are more suitable for infants, while bigger bottles are for older babies.


Medela bottles are almost unbreakable and they are made of strong materials that will last you for a very long time. Even though glass bottles might be healthier than the plastic ones, the material used for making these bottles is very high-quality and FDA approved. They are safe to use and no harmful chemicals will get mixed up with the milk. Yes, the nipples might need a replacement every now and then, especially if you are not careful while washing the bottle and tend to bend it around a lot. They also might collapse during feeding time which is inconvenient for both you and your little one. But these bottles are pretty solid in terms of longevity and they will be around for as long as you need them.

…very high-quality and FDA approved.

Medala Bottles Review 6 Pack

Medala Bottles 6 Pack


  • Super convenient if you own Medela pump.
  • Doesn’t have too many parts and it is easy to clean.
  • Unbreakable plastic.


  • The overall design is a bit dated.
  • The lid leaks sometimes.
  • The nipples are not high-quality and can collapse.

THE BOTTOM LINE | Great Companion to the Medela Pump

Medela bottles do not have extra parts and they are easy to clean. This will save you plenty of time because you don’t have to pay close attention to the valves that can be tricky to maintain. The size and shape make them the perfect travel companion and they can be carried around without worrying about the possible leakage. Of course, the cap has to be placed on tightly so make sure you check it before you put the bottle inside the bag.

On the other hand, the bottle itself does not have venting system so this might cause some gas ingestion and your little one can feel uncomfortable after the feeding. This is a shame because the bottle itself is well-built and it could really use some extras to make it stand out. A large number of manufacturers did embrace these changes so Medela really should update their design a bit. Also, the upper part of the bottle is a bit wider so milk can get stuck up there during feeding. Therefore, these bottles are a convenient way to store the milk if you are using the pump but they will definitely not suit every baby out there.

Medala Bottles Review Box

Medala Bottles Box