Reliable and quality diapers are one of the main components of your baby’s daily routine. After all, they have to be on the top of their game at all times, making sure your little one is feeling comfortable and dry. It all comes down to the needs of your little one so make sure you pay close attention to the way he or she feels while they wear the diapers. If they are uncomfortable or constantly wet, it is time to try a different model. So let’s explore some of the most popular brands that are available out there.

BEST OVERALL | Honest Company

Honest Company Diapers review Bulk Stack

Honest Company Diapers Bulk Stack

The Honest Company are known for their environmentally-friendly and green products, and the diapers are topping the list of their bestsellers for years now. Numerous parents choose their products because they do not contain any harmful chemicals. Plus, they are latex, bleach, and PVC free. Their diapers are very soft and they feel like cotton underneath the skin. Plus, they do not cause rashes or redness which is super important. Another great thing about Honest Company’s diapers is the fact that they fit exceptionally well. Seven sizes are available so finding the right one will be quick and easy. The elastic bands are placed properly and the diaper will stay in place regardless of the movement of your little one. So if you are worried about any possible accidents, you can completely relax when using these diapers. Additionally, they will hold the liquid for up to twelve hours. Changing and disposal are also pretty easy and you will be able to do it anywhere. Jessica Alba is the founder and spokesperson of the Honest Company and she did her best to create the safest possible diapers for the youngsters. The Honest Company MSRP is $13.99 for size 1 x44 count, but check the current Honest Company Diapers – Amazon price. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford their products and these diapers are pretty pricey. That shouldn’t surprise you because this is a premium brand. So if you are working on a tight budget, they might not be the best long-term solution for you and your bundle of joy.

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BARGAIN BUY | Pampers Swaddlers

Pampers Swaddlers review Wetness Indicator

Pampers Swaddlers Wetness Indicator

Pampers is the go-to brand for the majority of parents nowadays. They have been at the top of their game for decades now and will provide your little one with comfort and excellent fit. Their products have amazing absorption powers and will keep your little one dry and happy. Pampers might not be as eco-friendly as some other brands out there, but their products are tested and will not cause skin irritations which is the most important thing after all. Even though their line of products is fairly large, Pampers Swaddlers are still their best-selling diapers. This shouldn’t surprise you because they sit well against the skin and your baby will be able to move without any restrictions while wearing them. Of course, you have to find the right diaper for your baby and luckily Swaddles do come in seven different sizes. They vary by the weight so make sure you have the right measurements of your baby before you make a purchase. The material does feel very soft and it will allow the natural air flow. Therefore, your baby will not feel uncomfortable while wearing it. The side straps are quite strong. They will not loosen up no matter how much your baby moves around which is a huge plus in our book. The elastic part on the back is a very useful detail as well. The overall design is very simple and clean, but Pampers managed to add an air of playfulness by featuring a small colorful band on the top part of the diaper. There are so many patterns and characters to choose from and your little one will absolutely love it. The MSRP on the Pampers Swaddlers size 1 x216 count is $53.99, click here to find the current Pampers Swaddlers – Amazon price.

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MOST COMFORTABLE | Huggies Little Snugglers

Huggies Little Snugglers review Snug Fit

Huggies Little Snugglers Snug Fit

Huggies are known for their softness and comfort. It is another major brand name on our list and they are a very common choice for many parents out there. Their diapers have so many useful features that will make them super helpful, especially to brand new parents who might need some guidance. Moisture indicator has been a huge hit so far because it is located in a visible place and will tell them when to change a diaper. Therefore, preventing leaks is very easy and your baby will stay dry and healthy, without any skin irritations or redness. Huggies Little Snugglers are not eco-friendly diapers and they contain chemicals, PVC, latex, etc. However, the material shouldn’t cause any problems to your little one because they have been thoroughly tested and approved by numerous health organizations. If you still want to buy 100% natural diapers, take a closer look at the rest of the Little Snugglers line because they have that option available as well. What we love about Little Snugglers is the ability of natural movement. The elastic straps are positioned properly and the closing straps will not let go on their own regardless of the activity. The waistband also features a tiny inverted pocket that will not bother your little one at all but will keep the liquid from going out. The same goes for the elastic material around the legs which makes sure the diaper stays in place and holds the liquid on the inside of the diaper until it gets completely absorbed. MSRP for these in a size 1 x80 count is $25.89 but check out the Huggies Little Snugglers – Amazon price right now.

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THE SAFEST | Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation Diapers review Protection

Seventh Generation Diapers Protection

Seventh Generation gained recognition because they are a green brand that doesn’t use any kind of chemicals in the process of manufacturing their diapers. They are created especially for sensitive skin and your little one will absolutely adore them, especially if they often get rashes or redness from other diapers. Their diapers also have a distinctive look to them, mostly because they refuse to bleach the cotton parts. Therefore, Seventh Generation diapers do have a slightly brownish and natural tint to them. The overall design of the diapers is still very classic, so if you are not a fan of modern and flashy diapers, this is the one for you. The liquid absorption is great and your baby will feel dry almost instantly. The closing straps are very strong and you can readjust them easily throughout the day. They will not lose their power which is very useful. Don’t expect to see super fancy patterns all over these diapers, but keep in mind that there are a couple of cute designs available for you in the store that will add a fun element to the diaper changing time. And don’t worry, the dyes are lead-free and contain no metals whatsoever. Many parents go for an eco-friendly brand, mostly because they want to create a safe environment inside their home and help to save the Earth (even with this small contribution). If you can find yourself in these words, Seventh Generation diapers might be exactly what you need. They are simple, easily disposable, and have almost no leaks. The MSRP is $48.00 for size 1 x460 count, but check the Seventh Generation Diapers – Amazon price here.

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MOST GREEN | Bambo Nature

Bamboo Nature Diapers review Design

Bamboo Nature Diapers review Design

If you are really set on reducing your carbon footprint, Bambo Nature diapers are the right product for you. They are made of natural ingredients and there are no dangerous chemicals involved in the process of manufacturing these diapers. Yes, that means no PVC, latex, toxic dyes, lotions, fragrances, oils, etc. This will add to the general health of your little one, especially if he or she has really sensitive skin. Finding the product that can deal with this problem is quite hard, but Bambo managed to make one and it does its job perfectly. Bambo Nature diapers might look a bit large, but their fit is impeccable. They will not look bulky under clothes and your little one will be able to move freely. And most importantly, these diapers have various strengthening features that make sure there are no leaks, even around the leg cuffs and on the lower back. Additionally, the softness of the material will astonish you because they feel almost cloth-like under your skin. This is an amazing product that has been thoroughly tested and earned numerous international certificates and approvals. Bambo Nature diapers are the holders of the Nordic Swan eco-label which is one of the most prestige recognitions an eco-product can get. With an MSRP of $12.80 for x28 size 1 diapers, check the Bamboo Nature Diapers – Amazon price here. The price might be a bit high to some parents and these diapers will not fit everyone’s budget for sure. But they are definitely worth every dollar because you can really rely on them.

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Disposable diapers have been one of the most popular baby products for decades now. They are affordable, easy to throw away, and offer excellent protection throughout the day (and night). So how do you determine if one type of diapers is better than the other one? The answer is pretty simple – diapers have to fit your baby almost effortlessly and they need to have good absorption. If your baby has sensitive skin, you need to consider some alternative options and go for an eco-friendly brand that doesn’t use chemicals in their products.